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We offer complete custom database integration to your website

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We develop cloud ready solutions for your business

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Sample Websites
Responsive design is a web design approach that leverages one content base and one codebase to render content across multiple screen resolutions, device types, and interaction models. By designing multiple layouts or “breakpoints”, a single site is enabled to serve virtually thousands of different phones, tablets, and desktop experiences.
Retina Display is Apple’s brand name term which refers to a liquid crystal display that displays pixels at higher density. In Retina Displays, you get double the pixels in the same amount of space as you would with a traditional display. This is why icons or text on an iPad 2 looks blurrier than on an iPad 3.
2012 saw an explosion in the number of websites built responsively, and the beauty of it is that we’re all involved in developing the process. It’s still in its youth, designers and developers are concocting new approaches all the time, and we’re on our way to changing the entire worldwide web technological landscape.
MySQL Database Development
Custom Software Development

We research, analyse, design and develop software solutions for your company. 1st System, a team you can count on!

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