/ Frequently Asked Questions
A responsive design allows your website or online store to be viewed in any desktop or mobile device. A responsive website changes its appearance and layout based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on. Responsive sites can be designed to make the text on the page larger and easier to read on smaller screens. They can also be configured to make the buttons on the phone's screen easier to press.
You really do get what you pay for! First impression is a lasting impression. Would you rather be represented by a stunning custom website, or an online template that looks cheap and functions exactly like thousands of others? The Internet is today’s most powerful marketing tool that reaches countless potential customers. A custom website by 1st System will promote your individual brand and set you apart from the competition.
It’s kinda like buying a car. A compact car gets you where you want to go and costs less than a luxury SUV, but it doesn’t have the SUV’s great features and style. So a basic website will cost less, but won’t have as many features or capabilities. The cost of a custom website depends on the number of pages, site content, and programming complexity that you want. Remember that investing in your website is an investment in your company’s future growth.
Just as a map helps you find your destination, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps people find your website. 1st System can improve your rankings with search engines by linking the most popular industry-specific search engine keywords and tags throughout your site. SEO increases your online visibility by reducing the number of clicks it takes to find you, which may lead to increased sales.
Modern businesses have increasingly found themselves in need of custom development solutions for their software requirements. Whether it is in developing custom database solutions for a company’s logistics processes or consumer focused mobile applications to allow for an attractive shopping experience, custom software applications can mean the difference between success and failure.
In today’s competitive economy, making use of custom development solutions can help a company increase its productivity when compared to a business that uses off the shelf programs. Custom software can be tailored to the company’s current and future needs, eliminating the danger that the company will outgrow its current software applications.
A custom database program can be designed to be user friendly while also fulfilling the company’s unique needs. This reduces the amount of time needed to train new workers and improves the company’s workflow processes. Other examples include custom payroll, accounting and inventory management utilities. In every case, a custom solution will prove superior to a generic purchase.
In most cases, we charge a fixed price for our services. This means we will quote you a set price to define, design, develop and deploy your software.
Projects vary widely but on average our database custom programming projects run between $15,000 and $75,000, with some notable exceptions.
Similar to cost, the time required to finish a project also varies widely. But on average, a typical project will take between 3 and 6 months to complete.
No. We invest the time to understand the project requirements and assess the required man power. The project will indicate specific milestones and upon reaching those milestones, a payment is received. Final payment is accepted once the project is completed.
The project manager plans the entire project. The main reason for planning a project is for cost expediency. Proper project planning will insure that the amount of work to be accomplished, the time allotted to satisfactory complete the work scope, and the resources required to complete the work scope are equally balanced. Every project undergoes some amount of change while in progress. Proper planning allows for the assessment of the impact of change prior to implementing the change.
Proper planning includes the documentation of the work scope in language that is understandable by the individuals who must accomplish the work scope. This single step when properly accomplished will save many false starts as well as preventing the waste of resources working on efforts which are not required to obtain the desired goals of the project.
Managing projects successfully is critical to any company's success. Doing the job right could require a costly server-based project management suite. Many companies, particularly smaller ones, are finding answers in a cloud-based project management services along with a project management consulting firm.
Yes. We have an OnSite program that allows you to obtain the necessary education in using a specific software from the comfort of your home or office. There are even government sponsored programs that will reimburse the employer a large percentage of the costs of those OnSite classes.
Yes. We have facilities in different campuses at local Universities whereby classes for a set number of individuals may be offered.
1st System offers various support programs. Depending on the business continuity requirement, we are able to accommodate your specific needs.