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By 2016, over 3 billion connected users will drive an increase of more than 8x in mobile traffic compared to 2012! By 2020, there will be over 30 billion connected devices. Moreover, information is growing at 2x per year from the massive growth in structured data like databases and unstructured data like e-mail, web-contents, videos and social media.

For this reason, companies of all shapes and sizes are adapting to this new Cloud technology. Industry experts believe that this trend will only continue to grow and develop even further in the coming few years.

Remaining competitive in today’s era of cloud computing requires best-practice IT strategies and solutions. 1st System is uniquely suited to address today’s IT hurdles and help you implement a simple, proven, next-generation Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Benefits

Substantial Benefits in Cloud Technology

Cloud computing provides some strong benefits. Selecting a public or private cloud implementation will depend on your application, performance, security and compliance requirements, but with the proper deployment cloud computing can provide significant savings, better IT services, and a higher level of reliability.

Cloud computing may lower the costs for the same IT services. Cloud computing pools all of the computing resources that can be distributed to applications as needed – optimizing the use of the sum of the computing resources and delivering better efficiency and utilization of the entire shared infrastructure. Additionally, whether you go with a public cloud or outsourced private cloud computing option, cloud computing delivers a better cash flow by eliminating the capital expense associated with building the server infrastructure.